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1/3 of the way to helping Steph ‘see’

by | Feb 21, 2020 | News, Videos

Help Stephanie See - Donate. Macular degeneration. Orcam MyEye 2.0A few months ago we started a campaign to raise funds to help one of our colleagues in her battle against macular degeneration, a condition which eventually causes blindness.

Stephanie has only 20% vision and has been declared legally blind. But a device called an Orcam MyEye 2.0 can help Stephanie in her day to day life, her work and her family life by identifying people, words and objects so that she can navigate the world in a way that most of us take for granted.

We’re happy to say we’re now 1/3 of the way in our efforts to raise funds to purchase the Orcam MyEye device which will help Stephanie ‘SEE’. We need R100 000.00 and we’ve just reached R33 321.75!

Your donation, however small, will go a long way in helping us to help her. Even just sharing this post will help.

To find out more, watch the video and visit


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