Learn about the fish species we stock and how to prepare them

From the Fish Counter


If you’ve been to the Robberg Store you will probably have seen our fish counter where we display a number of different species of fish as well as shellfish and crustaceans.

You may also have spoken to Dennis and Marichane who man the fish counter and are always happy to share their fishy knowledge and recipes. They will also gladly fillet and debone for you any fish you choose at the counter. Watching them work their magic with the blade is an experience in itself!

You can also learn about some of the different types of fish below, and pick up some tips on how to prepare them.



Kabeljou (or Kob) is a saltwater line fish caught off the South African coastline.

It has a firm, white flesh that is light and easy to digest.

It can be oven-baked or grilled, pan-fried or cooked on the braai.

Baste in garlic and butter before cooking and serve with chips or rice and a tartar sauce.


Salmon is delicious raw as sashimi, or in sushi. It is also very tasty when cooked.


Two species of hake are caught in South African waters: shallow-water Cape hake Merluccius capensis and deep-water hake Merluccius paradoxus.

Our favourite way of cooking hake is pan-frying in shallow oil with butter and seasoning. Adding garlic is always an option!


Carpenter are slow-growing, long-lived, migratory, schooling fish and are part of the Red Snapper family.

Also known as Kapenaar, Doppies, Doppie, Silverfish, Silvervis and Miss Molly, they are endemic to our coastline and inhabit rocky reefs up to depths of 110m.

Carpenter is great for cooking whole on the braai. Butterfly the fish and brush the fleshy side with garlic butter. Marinate for 30 min, then cook over medium coals for 10-15 min.

Also suitable for panfrying, or in the oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.


Barramundi or Australian Seabass is caught in Australian waters and imported to SA.

It has a mild, silky, buttery rich flavor. Its white, flaky flesh is packed with Omega-3s that help to maintain a healthy body.
The flavour and texture are similar to Snapper and Sole.


  1. Steam with lime & ginger
  2. Pan roast
  3. Oven bake with butter and fish spice

Serve with a lemon butter sauce and garnish with fresh basil.


Santer are long-lived fish that frequent rocky reefs as adults and prefer to inhabit sheltered estuaries as juveniles.

They are predators that hunt smaller fish, crustaceans and squid.

Santer are found along South Africa’s eastern and southern Cape coast.


Santer are perfect for cooking whole on a braai grid. Make 2 incisions on each side and fill them with lemon and garlic. Season the skin with salt and black pepper. Brush on olive oil and braai each side for 5 minutes.

Also suitable for panfrying, or in the oven at 180°C for 15-20 minutes.

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